• Course Description: Take a look around your room. Make a mental note of every object in the room. How did it get there? How did those goods transform from being natural resources in the ground to being objects in your room? Economics is the study of the systems of production and consumption that make our modern world possible. The course will explore economics on three scales: Personal Finance, Microeconomics (the way an economy works within a society) and Macroeconomics (the way the global economy works with the actions of countries).

    • Course Syllabus: Coming Soon
    • Optional Reading List: Coming Soon

  • Credits: 1 Credit. This course will take ~120 hours of work to complete, which will vary based on the student's reading speed.​​​​

  • Who Should Take This Course? : Economics is a course that is accessible to students who are finishing up their high school careers. The texts are accessible, but concepts can be abstract and harder to "wrap your mind around."  

    • Skills Students will need to begin: 8th-10th grade reading level. The ability to read 5-8 pages of non-fiction text. The ability to write 2-3 paragraphs.​
  • Materials: All lessons (readings, videos, activities) are delivered online and are provided with the course.​

    • Required Technology: A device with internet access. Laptop is preferred, but tablets work with the course as well. Either a 3 subject notebook or Google Drive for recording work.​

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