US Government

  • Course Description: US Government (Also referred to as Civics) is a deep analysis of the American governing system. This course will begin with the historical background preceding the development of the Constitution - examining the evolution of Western political theory from Plato and Aristotle to Locke and Voltaire. Students will then examine the US Constitution, understanding the system outlined in the document the founders created. Then, the course will look at the practical evolution of the American Government into the version we have today. This will include close inspection of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches, the supporting agencies, and the role of the media. Finally, the course will explore the Federal Levels and the ways power is divided between Federal, State and Local governments. Students will finish the course with a deeper understanding of the systems of power, how they function, and each American's opportunity to be a person of influence.

  • Credits:

    • Regular: 80 Hours to complete.​​​​

  • Who Should Take This Course? :

    • Regular US Government is built for students of younger ages who are beginning to study about political systems. 

      • Skills Students will need to begin: 9th grade reading level. The ability to read 2-4 pages of non-fiction text. The ability to write 2-3 paragraphs.

    • Honors US Government is built for students who are transitioning to being "college ready." This course is ideal for students just before taking their first community college or university courses. 

      • Skills Students will need to begin: 9th-11th grade reading level. The ability to read 8-10 pages of non-fiction text. Students will read longer sections of works like Leviathan, The Two Treatises and Common Sense. The ability to write 1-3 pages.​
  • Materials: All lessons (readings, videos, activities) are delivered online and are provided with the course.​ Students who prefer paper copies of the readings may wish to acquire them from the library or Amazon. [Final Book list coming soon.]​​​

    • Main Text: American Government 2e by Krutz & Waskiewicz (Provided online for free through OpenStax). ​

    • Excerpts will be read from the following texts. These excerpts will be provided online. If you desire a printed copy, they can be found at the library or on Amazon:​

      • Aristotle's Politics​

      • Plato's Republic

      • Machiavelli's The Prince

      • Hobbes' Leviathan

      • Locke's Two Treatises 

      • The Federalist Papers

      • The Anti-Federalist Papers

  • Required Technology: A device with internet access. Laptop is preferred, but tablets work with the course as well. Either a 3 subject notebook or Google Drive for recording work.​ For students with difficulties reading (especially more advanced or older texts), GAPro recommends using Speechify. This is a Text-to-Voice plugin for Chrome. 

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