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"My 10th grader is taking the Student-Led version of GAPro World History. I have been so impressed by how secular it is. If I had the time to put together a World History curriculum, it would have been exactly this. We love the layout on Canvas. It is very easy to use. I think it is deep and interesting. My daughter doesn't find it tedious or boring..."

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High School World History Made Easy.
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Congrats to Michael Grether: Rolesville High School's  2019 Teacher of the Year and Wake County Top 10 Finalist for WCPSS Teacher of the Year!

Online Courses

World History

Grades: Advanced 7th-10th

World History is a survey course that moves students from beginning of time until modern day. World History teaches students both the story AND historiocity of past events. This course focuses on the broad themes, story lines and trends of the human experience - less emphasis on "name and date', but instead focusing on the importance, impacts, trends, and patterns. Each unit begins with the broad themes and trends of the era. Then, the curriculum dives down into the details, examining: important events, people, policies, culture, literature, art, philosophy, poetry, and architecture. World History uses a variety of texts and video series (produced by GAPro and other curated sources like Crash Course & Mankind Story of Us) to create an interwoven fabric of voices with many perspectives. Students will finish the course with the current events of 2019 with a well developed understanding of how we got here. GAPro's World History takes a global perspective, where Europe and America are a PART of the human story, not the center piece. In the similar spirit, GAPro also emphasizes the "Lost Voices" of women and minority groups.

Course Length Options:
- Part 1: Beginning of Time > 1492

- Part 2: 1500 > 2019

Modern Global Studies
Similar to Human or World Geography
Coming Summer of 2019!

Grades: 9-12th

Modern Global Studies is the why behind the modern world. Global Studies helps students learn to see their world and the people in it through different lenses: Development, Gender, Population/Migration, Culture/Religion/Language, Political, Ethnicity, Agricultural, Industrial, Urbanization.This course is built to be a "bridge course" to develop students to be prepared for College level curriculum. Structures are put in place to improve students reading, writing, thinking, studying, and test taking abilities.

Through taking this course, students will also be prepared to take the AP® Human Geography Test each May if they choose. Students will be taught the skills needed to master timed multiple choice (5 options, good-better-best answers) and timed Free Response Question essays.

AP® is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

Course Length Options:  Year Long Access @ your own pace (Student Paced and Co-op Options)

Grades: Advanced 7th-10th

High School doesn't last forever. As each school year ticks and tocks its way towards graduation, every student wonders "Am I ready for college? Do I have the skills needed to be successful?" This mini-course seeks to give students strategies and tips to set themselves up for success in their College Social Studies Courses. Topics Include:

  • How to Manage Time?

  • How to Does the Brain Work with Learning & Studying?

  • How to Read Non-Fiction & Take Notes?

  • How to Listen to a Lecture?

  • How Does Lifestyle Effect Learning?

Course Length Options:  1 Month 

College Ready Skill Builder (Coming Soon)
AP® Human Geography Exam Prep

When it comes to studying, practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Human Geography Review is a review course built to prepare students for the AP® Human Geography Exam in May.  With over 400 review questions, detailed feedback, vocabulary lists, review readings, and graded FRQs... this Human Geography review will help prepare you for exam success.


AP® is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product. 

Train Fast 2 Be Fast
Distance Training Curriculum

Home school students are not just students. They are aspiring artists, musicians, actors and athletes... But, it can be hard to connect students with the right resources to achieve their dreams. Michael Grether is a Championship Cross Country and Track Coach. The Train Fast to Be Fast curriculum provides aspiring distance runners with proven, scientific-based training to reach their potential. From the beginning runner just starting to experienced racer looking to take their talent to another level, there are training plans to meet all levels.

Serious About Social Studies

Passion & Vision

Global Academic Productions was founded on the idea that learning begins with passion and vision. A passion for understanding the fascinated threads that connect yesterday to today. A vision for a better way of approaching historical education, including teaching critical skills need to be successful in College (and beyond). 

Core Components

Every course offered by Global Academic Productions contains the following elements:

  • Grades 7-12: Courses are built to serve late middle-schoolers with a more-advanced reading level and high school.

  • 100% Online. All courses are completely digital. All materials are accessed through a customized Canvas Website (Hosted by Instructure).  Students can learn anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device. Just sign in and learn.

  • 100% Simple. Homeschooling in high school is difficult, especially for parents who do not have the time to become "experts" in every field. GAPro makes history simple for the parents: Simply Sign Up, Sign in and Go! No prep. No planning. Extensive parent guides are provided to ease the parent's role of assessing.   

  • All-in-One Package. One price covers all aspects of the course: Readings, Videos, Self-grading tests, Discussion Questions, Skill-Builders, Research Projects.  

  • Structured Flexibility. Courses have a clearly organized structure of what should be learned, but when, where and at what pace are up to your family. Being 100% online, the curriculum can go where you go. 

  • Historiocity AND Story Telling. These courses are serious about social studies and making college reading learners. All courses teach proper historiocity skills such as fact-based critical thinking, cause-effect relationships, multiple perspectives, timelines, primary text analysis, and understanding transcending themes.  With that said, we also believe you cannot spell history without the word "Story." The courses are filled with compelling stories, first person accounts, current events and opportunities for students to personally connect and apply the information. 

  • Academic, Bias-Free Curriculum. All courses promote fact-based, bias free learning. Students are presented with facts and multiple perspectives, while being given the tools to draw their own conclusions that they can support with evidence. The courses teach ABOUT ALL religions, they do not promote or evangelize any one religion. 

  • Global Perspectives.  All courses seek to promote the diverse perspectives from around the globe, seeking to avoid a Euro-Centric or American-Centric mindset. Europe and America are presented as a PART of the human story, not as the PURPOSE of the human story. All courses emphasize the "lost voices" of minority or underprivileged/repressed groups within the content. 

  • College Ready Skill Building. Each course intentionally focuses on building the skills needed to succeed in college: non-fiction reading, note taking, non-fiction writing, multiple choice test-taking, researching, listening, watching, understanding, analyzing, and synthesizing. We don't just tell the students to perform a skill, we show them strategies of how to perform them.

  • Cross-Curricular. Each course is a content-rich experience that extends to all aspects of human life: art, music, dance, poetry, science, math, geography...


"The quality of learning and instruction of my AP Human Geography (HuG) experience were both of a very high caliber.... The HuG course greatly facilitated the development of many academic skills, including reading, writing, note taking, and critical thinking... HuG immensely improved my objective understanding of the world. Overall, the HuG course thoroughly prepared me for the AP Human Geography test and for more advanced coursework in high school and college. I just completed my freshman year of college , and I still utilize the same reading, writing, note taking, and critical thinking techniques that I learned in Mr. Grether’s HuG course. In my opinion, it was Mr. Grether’ s expertise and passion that facilitated the high quality of learning and instruction of this course. 

Wesley P / Former AP Human Geo Student / Enrolled at Duke University.
Scored a 5 on the AP Human Geography Exam.

Mr. Grether’s methods of instruction teaches his students to evaluate the world through a variety of perspectives (or lenses, as he refers to them), to truly look beneath what is obvious in order to see the complex tapestry that is the human experience. Any method of instruction that encourages this type of analysis and comprehension is of an extremely high caliber, due to the resounding impact that it will have on the student throughout the rest of their academic career...HuG was one of the few courses that I have taken that had real world implications and applications... At the conclusion of the course, we had multiple lenses we could utilize to holistically understand an event or place, as well as the complex layers that defined it. This ability has enabled me to evaluate past and present events, such as the impacts of the World Wars or the immigration debate in America today. HuG was extremely influential in developing the reading, writing, note taking, and critical thinking skills that will enable my success in college. Mr. Grether shared a variety of methods to digest, memorize, and apply the information he provided us with; this enabled each of us to develop our own personal strategies to ensure our success in APHuG and other subjects...

Caitlyn B / Former AP Human Geo & World History Student / Enrolled at NC State.
Scored a 5 on the AP Human Geography Exam.

"World History and HuG were incredibly informative... [The course] always connected the concepts in HuG to events and movements currently happening in the world, which is the main reason the course was so rememberable, and impactful. With World History, it can be harder to make it relevant to the 21st century, but I remember [the course] distinctly making connections between seemingly unrelated [past & present] events, which is why the class was successful...  The time [Mr. Grether] dedicated into the curriculum showed me that there is a world outside of my immediate circle— a world worthy of being studied, understood, and changed. "

Alysson V/ Former AP Human Geo & World History Student / Enrolled @ UNC  
Scored a 4 on the AP Human Geography Exam

Comments from over 290 TeachersPayTeacher Product Ratings

3.9 out of 4 Star Average

"Excellent Products!... Great Resources... My students loved these activities..."


About Michael Grether

Michael Grether is the founder of Global Academic Productions, LLC. Mr. Grether has four children that he and his wife homeschool. Mr. Grether has served as a Public School World History teacher in Raleigh, North Carolina for over ten years - having taught thousands of students from the 6th though12th grades of all ability levels. He has specifically taught World History for 12 years and AP Human Geography for four years; both in Face-to-Face and Online settings for North Carolina Virtual Public School. He has also worked with College Board as an AP Reader/Grader for the Human Geography Exam in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2019, Mr. Grether was Rolesville High School's Teacher of the Year and Wake County's Finalist (Top 10) for WCPSS Teacher of the Year [WCPSS is the #16 Largest School District in the USA]


Mr. Grether has a Bachelor's in Education and a Double Minor in History and Political Science from Ohio University. He also has his Master's Degree in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment from Walden University where he was Cum Sum Laude.  Mr. Grether has been writing curriculum for over ten years, having written three full curriculums and two complete e-textbooks. His products have earned 3.9 out of 4 star reviews on Teacher-Pay-Teacher. He was previously a 2x finalist for Teacher of the Year at Leesville Middle. Michael Grether has presented multiple times at the North Carolina Social Studies Conference as well as leading Wake County Professional Development Sessions. In 2018, Mr. Grether spoke at the SEA Homeschool Conference in Atlanta about Creating College Ready Readers. Mr. Grether will be speaking at the 2019 at the AP Annual Conference in Orlando.



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© 2018 by Global Academic Productions, LLC. Proudly created with Wix.com

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