• Age & Group Size 
    • Age: Advanced 11-14
    • Skills needed to start the course: Reading at a 6th-7th grade reading level. The ability to write 2-3 sentences.
    • Group Size: 15-20 students.
  • Term & Time
    • Term: Fall Semester 
    • Start Date: Date Range: 16 Weeks - The week of August 30 - Week of December 20
      • The Week of November 22nd = Thanksgiving Break
    • Live Session: Tuesdays, 12-1pm EST via Zoom 
      • NOTE - Recorded Sessions: All LIVE sessions are recorded and posted for students in case they miss a class session or would like to review.
    • Work Time: 4-5 hours (Time will vary based upon reading speed) 
    • PDF Schedule: Coming Soon
    • NOTE: Middle School World History is similar in content to the High School version - just reduced in the quantity and depth.  It would be recommended to take either the GAPro Middle School OR GAPro High School World History (taking both would be very repetitive).
  • Instructor: Michael Grether
  • Required Curriculum Materials: All curriculum materials (readings, videos, activities, etc) will be delivered digitally through the Canvas course. There are no other required purchases.
    • Optional Reading Enrichment List: Coming Soon.
  • Grading
    • Who: All work will be graded by the instructor.
    • Type of Work:  Students will complete work aimed around understanding the key concepts and themes of American history; building historical critical thinking. This will consist of readings, videos, map activities, and discussions. The course will also work on developing how to write short-to-medium essays (1-2 pages) by the end of the course.
    • How it will be submitted: Students will submit their work through Canvas. Students may choose to complete their work on Google Drive and then submit the "Share" link.
    • How the work will be graded:  There will be three types of assignments - Daily Course Work, Unit Tests, End of Unit Activities. Daily work will be assessed as "complete" if it met the requirements or "incomplete" with any necessary feedback before the student resubmits. Unit Tests are automatically graded by the system. Unit Activities come at the end of the Unit, with the intention of demonstrating mastery of content and skill. These Unit Activities will have rubrics and be graded with the purpose of deeper/more intentional feedback. Unit Activities are intended to be saved/collected for portfolios for College Applicaiton or any state requirements.  
  • Parent Role: The parents role is to (a) make sure the student has continued internet access (b) provide encouragement during the week for the student's to be completing work (c)  communicate with the instructor with any relevant information  - such as illness, injury, or other prolonged absences. 



World History is the first step in the GAPro suite of social studies courses. In World History, students follow the evolution of humanity from the beginning of time to the today. The content is taught thematically, with less focus on the "names and dates," and more upon the important trends, patterns, and impactful events that have shaped humanity across time and space. Each unit addresses the important developments with a specified era, examining the events and themes transpiring on each continent. Then, the units examine key people, events, art, literature, and architecture that exemplify the unit's themes. In the process, the course will look at the progression of lost voices in the historical narrative: indigenous nations, women, LBGTQIA+, societal minorities, and daily life in the "average person."  By the end of the course, students will have a solid intellectual framework of the world and will be ready to approach courses that aim for greater depth and complexity.

  • Act 1 - Beginning of Time through 1492:​ Act 1 explores the development of the human story - starting with the origins of humanity through the start of European exploration. During this time period, humans lived in distinct and disconnected regions. The course follows the development of these regions, with specific emphasis on: East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Americas, and Oceania. Act 1 concludes with the increased interaction between Regions until the initiation of globalization in the 1400s. Lessons in Act 1 specifically focuses on the development of key historical skills: reading non-fiction, note taking, vocabulary, critical thinking, categorization, constructing historical arguments with evidence.

LIVE: Middle School World History - Act 1 (Tu: 12-1 EST. Ages 11-14)

  • All GAPro course are 100% secular. This means that courses work within the framework proven through science: A sphirical earth that is billions of years old, with all species resulting from the natural processes of evolution. All humans are equal, are valued, and have protected human rights no matter their race, religion, gender identity, or whom they love.

    Many GAPro courses discuss religions within the context of the curriculum. The courses will focus on academic information about the religions and the impact of these ideas upon specified groups of people and places. No religion will be proselytized or promoted.

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