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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What materials do I need for GAPro courses?

    • Computer or Tablet (Readings are accessible on any device. For Papers/Discussions, it is recommended - but not required - to have a device with a keyboard) 

    • Internet Access. All the core material is provided digitally. Readings are provided in the PDF format. Videos will use embeds from sites like YouTube, TED, and Vimeo.

    • A 3-5 Subject Notebook OR Binder with Paper. The course asks students to learn to take effective notes, brainstorm, plan writings, draw, etc. It is most effective for students to have a place to keep these papers organized and together.

  • What does GAPro define as "Secular"?​​

    • GAPro defines secular as being an academic pursuit that is free of intentional political or religious bias. The courses are designed around using compelling content to build great minds, using facts to teach critical thinking and academic expression. ​The courses are not designed to be an "echo chamber." They do not promote one "right" view of the world or promoting students to embrace "one way" of viewing the world.

  • How does GAPro handle religion? 

    • GAPro courses center around the study of humanity - with all of its facets and complexities. The study of humanity includes the study of religions, as 95% of humanity holds to a religious belief system. However, GAPro also recognizes that there are over 6,000 unique cultures with their particular angle or perspective about religion or the spiritual realm (there used to be close to 15,000). The courses work to teach the "facts/perspectives" about each religion in the way the people of that faith would want to be represented. Students will "see" that religion through the eyes of the people who follow it. It does not promote one faith over another, nor does it "bash" any religion. Students should walk away from the course with a deeper understanding of what a religion believes, why they believe it, and how that faith set fits into the social kaleidoscope of the human story.

      So too with political view points - one side is not promoted over another. The facts and perspectives of each side are presented, allowing the students to draw their own evidence-based conclusions. ​

  • Are you a Vendor at any California Charter Schools? Are you willing to be a vendor?

    • Yes, GAPro is a Vendor of certain charter schools and is willing to increase the systems it is an approved Vendor.

    • GAPro is currently a Vendor for the following Charters (if your charter is not listed, please use the chat or e-mail about joining your charter. Many charters allow - and prefer - customers to "recommend" a company to be a charter; which speeds up the acceptance process.)

      • iLead Exploration (Hybrid, Lancaster, SCVi, Agua Dulce).​

        • You must make the purchase through your iLead Educational Facilitator. They will send GAPro the order, who will complete the registration.

  • What web browser works best with GAPro courses?

    • Our learning management system is Canvas. Canvas works best with Chrome. It has well-documented issues with Internet Explorer. ​

  • Is there a paper copy of the course or its texts?

    • No. All course work is digital. GAPro has permission to utilize the graphics/maps/etc in the digital learning environment. GAPro does not have the rights to publish & sell paper copies without being in violation of copyright laws.​

  • Why do GAPro courses cost money? Why are they not free? ​

    • Michael Grether is a Public School teacher who has worked on his personal time to develop/curate the materials used in these courses. He has spent over 13,000 hours (and counting) of his personal time in this pursuit. As GAPro evolves, he continues to invest in improving the products, as well as developing new product offerings.

    • Many "Free" curriculums have either (a) videos that receive advertising revenue or (b) a corporate sponsorship that has pre-paid for the labor and efforts to develop the curriculum. GAPro does not have either. GAPro has expenses that must be paid to make the curriculum available to customers (hosting, LMS services, technology & internet fees, licensing agreements for images & videos...). Without having a cost for the curriculum, GAPro would go out of business. GAPro works to provide the curriculum at a price that is affordable to families, while also providing compensation for the tens of thousands of hours invested into the product offerings. 

  • Why the time limit (1-2 years) on the course work? 

    • GAPro has gained the rights to utilize certain graphics (maps, images, etc) in its online courses. However, as a part of these agreements, the access to images must be password protected and have a restricted time limit. Thus, the course work is only available through our Canvas Learning Management System and has the restricted time limit.

  • When does my "timer" begin for my 1-2 years in the course?​

    • The countdown begins when the student officially starts the content. This allows customers to purchase during a sale & create their login before their ready to officially "start" the coursework. ​

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