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American History

  • Course Description:American History. Is the story of the USA one of a City on a Hill, a Bastion of Democracy to the World, and the Champion of Industrialized Capitalism? Or is it the Global Empire built on stolen land and corporate corruption, using the tools of slavery, oppression, and genocide?

    The answer is yes...and no. Well, maybe... it's complicated.

    GAPro's American History is a social history that steps into the tension of this complexity. The course highlights the truly remarkable things that have happened in the USA and also the story lines that lurk in the shadows. From the heights of industrial ingenuity, phenomenal wealth, space travel, and the internet... to the depths of eugenics, redlining, Tulsa Riots, internment camps, and indigenous genocide. American History will take students on a truly unique and unforgettable historical journey that continues to shape and impact the modern world.  In the process students will develop college-ready skill sets to prepare them for the "next level" of education or careers.

    Particular attention is paid to amplify the "Lost Voices" that have been muted - the triumphs and tragedies of the Indigenous Nations, the long struggle of Black People in America, the painful journey of Women, the waves of immigrants arriving onto America's shores to start a new life (Irish, Italian, Chinese, Scandinavian,  Latin America, Vietnamese, Japanese, amongst others), and the fight of the LBGTQ community to emerge "from the closet." 

    • Course Syllabus: Coming Soon
  • Credits: This course will take ~120-150 hours of work to complete in one semester. Hours will will vary based on the student's reading speed.

  • ​​​​Who Should Take This Course? : American History is a good "middle" class. The class provides a greater focus and depth then World History, as the course only focuses on one central country instead of the whole world. There are more personal stories and primary source documents, while introducing more official/formal research.  The course is aimed at a strong 9th grade through 11th grade student

    • Skills Students will need to begin: Skills Students will need to begin: 11-12th grade reading level (the American YAWP is a 1210-1400 Lexile Score). Ability to read 8-10 pages of non-fiction text. Most activities will require multiple sentences in response. There will be longer assignments that will be multiple pages.   ​
  • Materials: There will be two books utilized for this course. Both area available digitally and through print. All other lessons are delivered online through the course Learning Management System (LMS).​ 

    • Required Books:   

    • LifeL

    • Required Technology: A device with internet access. Laptop is preferred, but tablets work with the course as well. Either a 3 subject notebook or Google Drive for recording work.​ Speechify is a recommended Text-to-Voice Chrome extension. This supports students who struggle to read complex texts.

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