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Fast Facts: LIVE Courses

LIVE courses are built for families who want a highly structured classroom setting that connects their student with a purposeful learning community:

  • Curriculum.  Like the Self-Paced/Flex courses, GAPro provides the online material in a structured format through the Canvas Learning Management System. All core material is included (unless specifically noted), from the readings and videos, to the graded tests and answer guides.

  • Pacing.  LIVE classes are highly structured. Before the course, Students are provided with specific weekly assignments, grouped into 2 day clusters. The workload mindset is ~60 minutes of work each day, for four days + one LIVE session. Assignments are submitted to the teacher in Canvas. 

  • Grading. With LIVE courses, GAPro takes the full grading responsibility. GAPro manages the students workload, checks the weekly assignments, and provides deeper feedback on the unit assignments.  The Unit assessments can be utilized to build portfolios for students as they prepare for college applications.

  • LIVE Sessions. LIVE Classes provide one 60-90 minute session of live instruction with Michael Grether. The LIVE sessions are a chance for the students and teacher to create an interactive learning community. We unpack the topics from the week in a modified socratic style, explore case studies,and utilize collaborative tools like Jamboard and Pear Deck to create opportunities for students to build community and explore intellectually. The Zoom sessions are recorded and made available if a student misses the meeting - or wishes to go back to review.​

Example Pacing Schedule



  • When can I sign up? LIVE courses have specific starting dates. Fall courses run from mid-August through December. Spring courses start in mid January through May. Students can enroll from the opening of registration through the first week of the course. Once the LIVE course is purchased, the "behind the scenes" enrollment process will send (a) a welcome e-mail with pacing guides, due dates, answer keys, and guidance on approaching the course (b) an invitation to the Canvas course to create the account.

  • How Long do I have access? Each LIVE course runs for ~ 16 weeks. Extensions for the weekly work and unit assessments are available for when "Life Happens."

  • How is the curriculum material provided? Each course consists of readings, videos, writings, and activities. All work is delivered 100% online through the learning management system called Canvas. Canvas is used by major universities and large school systems. Students will be provided a username and password. Once they sign in, all the curriculum is ready and available. No research or preparation required from parents. Just sign up, sign in, and go!

  • Who would benefit from the LIVE Courses?  LIVE Courses are designed for families who are looking to expand their child's learning community to the broader world. 7th through 12th grades are difficult because of the variety of course content that students must learn and the depth to which they must learn it. LIVE courses come along side parents with professional expertise, while allowing learners to engage with other similar aged-students from across the USA (potentially from around the world!). LIVE courses can also be used with Charter Schools and Co-Ops. Find out more about how GAPro can support  Charters & Co-Ops here!

  • Letters of Recommendation. Many colleges, scholarship applications, and work opportunities require letters of recommendation from teachers. The groups ask us to speak about student qualities like: Intellectual curiosity, initiative, persistence, creativity, critical thinking, willingness to risk/step out of their comfort zone, character, ability to work with others, etc. With the LIVE courses, I get to know the students and present opportunities for them to demonstrate these qualities. For students who successfully complete the course, I am can be a person who can write a letter of recommendation on their behalf.

  • Is there a Demo? Yes, here is the link to the Demo. This gives you the experience of working in Canvas and a sample of how the lessons are accessed by the students.

  • What is the recommended GAPro Course Progression? Yes, there is. Please visit this page which lays out the recommended pathways

  • What if we get the course and it is not right for us? The most important factor is that students are in the right learning environment for them. For LIVE courses, the refund policy is different from the other products:

    • Cancellations BEFORE the start of class or during the first week: 100% Refund​

    • If the class is cancelled by GAPro (not meeting the minimum registrants or outside causes):  100% Refund 

    • If cancellations happen between weeks 2-4: 75% Refund

    • After Week 4: No refund for cancellations unless for a qualifying "life event."



Courses Run from Late August Until Mid May

Honors American History [Full Year Course]
Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 (EST)  - 13 Seats Left
**The minimum has been met!** 


- Full Year Bundle: $600 - On Sale for $400.    Register Here

AP Human Geography [Full Year Course]
Wednesday 3:30-4:30 - 12 Seats Left

**The Minimum Has been Met**


- Full Year Bundle: $600 - On Sale for $475.    Register Here

Honors World History [Full Year Course] 
- Thursdays: 3:30-4:30 (EST) - 10 Seats
**The Minimum has been met!**


- Fall & Spring Bundle: $600 - On Sale for $400.    Register Here

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