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Providing Families structured Flexibility

Fast Facts: Flex Courses

Flex courses are built for families who need a course that provides a balance of freedom and structured supports. Where Flex courses are different is in the pacing structure and grading supports to families:

  • Curriculum.  Like the Self-Paced courses, GAPro provides the online material in a structured format through the Canvas Learning Management System. All core material is included, from the readings and videos, to the graded tests and answer guides.

  • Pacing.  Flex classes are built with more a purposeful pacing structure. Families are provided with Unit-Based completion date. Families have flexibility between these dates of when and how they complete the lesson material. Each unit has an of unit Assessment Activity (i.e. presentation, paper, activity, etc).  By each due date, students will need to submit their Unit Assessment for grading. This provides purposeful pacing for families to put the students on pace to finish the course within the school year. 

  • Grading. With Flex courses, Parents and GAPro share the grading responsibilities. Parents use the answer guides to assess the student's day-to-day work. At the end of each unit, students will submit the Unit Assessment for Mr. Grether to grade with feedback. The Unit Assessments become great portfolio pieces for parents, especially when beginning to college application process. 


Example Pacing Schedule



  • When can I sign up? Flex courses have specific starting dates. Fall courses run from mid-August through December. Spring courses start in mid January through May. Once the Flex course is purchased, the "behind the scenes" enrollment process will send (a) a welcome e-mail with pacing guides, due dates, answer keys, and guidance on approaching the course (b) an invitation to the Canvas course to create the account. Students from Self-Paced courses can upgrade to the Flex courses within the first 3 weeks of the Flex start date.

  • How Long do I have access? Each Flex course runs for ~ 16-18 weeks. Extensions are available incase "life happens."

  • How is the curriculum material provided? Each course consists of readings, videos, writings, and activities. All work is delivered 100% online through the learning management system called Canvas. Canvas is used by major universities and large school systems. Students will be provided a username and password. Once they sign in, all the curriculum is ready and available. No research or preparation required from parents. Just sign up, sign in, and go!

  • Who would benefit from the Flex Courses?  Flex Courses are designed for families who want to have day-to-day freedom over their schedule, but would like support in knowing how long to be spending on each unit. Flex courses are great for Homeschool Co-Ops and Charter Schools. For groups of 10 or more, GAPro can create special sections of a course that allow those students to interact with discussion board posts. Group leaders can also be given the permissions to see the activity of all the students in the group. Find out more about Charters & Co-Ops here!

  • Is there a Demo? Yes, here is the link to the Demo. This gives you the experience of working in Canvas and a sample of how the lessons are accessed by the students.

  • What is the recommended GAPro Course Progression? Yes, there is course progression coming soon. GAPro is expanding the courses being offered, and will be posting a recommended progression soon. 

  • What if we get the course and it is not right for us? The most important factor is that students are in the right learning environment for them. GAPro offers a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If you wish to change to a different course, the money will be applied to that course. If you wish to exit the course completely, the money will be refunded.


Just Sign in & Go!

Powerful Answer Guides


Flex Courses: Fall Semester

The Fall Flex class are listed below. Click on each class to see the details specific to that course. ​

  • Fall Start Date: Around the week of August 23

  • Fall End Date: Around the week week of December 20

Flex Courses: Spring Semester

The Spring Flex class are listed below. Click on each class to see the details specific to that course. ​

  • Start Date: Around the week of January 10

  • End Date: The week of May 21

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