Understanding Your World in the 21st Century

Modern Global Studies to begin in the Summer of 2019!

Key Details


  • Coming Summer 2019


  • Advanced 9th Grade through 12th Grade

  • The course is built to train students for College Ready Skills


  • Computer or Tablet (Readings accessible on any device. For Papers/Discussions, it is recommended - but not required - to have a keyboard) 

  • Internet Access. All the core material is provided digitally. Readings are provided in the PDF format. Videos will use embeds from sites like YouTube, TED, and Vimeo.

  • 3-5 Subject Notebook OR Binder with Paper. The course asks students to learn to take effective notes, brain storm, plan writings, draw, etc. It is most effective for students to have a place to keep these papers organized and together.

  • Google Apps. Students will need to have access to the Google Tools to complete a couple of the projects for the course. You can get access to Google Apps by creating a Gmail account OR indicate the need for an Google Account on your registration, and one will be provided for you.

  • Multiple ChoiceTesting. All assessments will be online, with instant feedback. 

  • Essays. Writings will be graded with assessment and feedback given to improve skill, grammar, etc.

  • Web Browser: The course works best with Chrome or Firefox.

  • Optional Extensions: All required course materials are provided with the registration fee. However, a few optional extensions or "Going Deeper" activities have activities students may wish to print out or recommend  books they that are not provided in the course. These books can be checked out from the Library or purchased on Amazon.

See the World... Through New Lenses

Modern Global Studies is an in-depth look at life in 2018. The course leads students through a critical analysis of the human experience to understand how the world works... today. Where does your next meal come from? How does your food get from farm to your table? How are women treated around the world? Why are cities set up the way they are?

The course will look at the human experience through eight lenses:

  • Economics and Development

  • Gender

  • Population, Demographics and Migration

  • Culture, Language and Religion

  • Political Institutions 

  • Agricultural Systems

  • Globalized Industrialization

  • Urbanization

Students will walk away from the course with a deep understanding of the interconnected nature of the 21st century, with college-ready literacy and study skills. With a foundation of knowledge in Modern Global Studies , students will be able to launch into a wide variety other courses or fields of interest: Environment Sciences, Business, Civics, Economic Development, and Gender Studies (to name a few). 

By taking Modern Global Studies, students will be prepared to take the AP® Human Geography exam if they choose. AP® Exams are standardize tests that allows students the opportunity to earn college credit. While not a requirement of the course, Mr. Grether has prepared over 500 students for the AP® Human Geography exam. Mr. Grether has served as a AP® Human Geography grader. Upon completion of the course, students will have the knowledge and skills needed to have a chance at being successful on the exam.

During Modern Global Studies , students will be asked to:

  • Read. This course is literacy rich. Students will be asked to read a medium-to-high volume of non-fiction texts, including: textbook, professional journals, United Nation Reports, etc. Literacy is not just limited to words on a page. Students will also learn to read/analyze: images, graphs, charts, and maps. 

  • Write. Being able to express complex ideas through writing is an essential college and life skill. Students will learn be asked to write multiple times a week, from short personal perspectives, to timed free-response questions,  to complex evidence-based research papers.

  • Connect. Human Geography content is a web of knowledge. Each unit's knowledge connects and builds upon what was learned previously. Students will be asked to think and write cross-categorically, learning to analyze situations from multiple perspectives and frameworks.

  • Discuss. Students get the opportunity participate in online discussions with other students from around the country.

  • Test. Most college courses have timed exams, worth large parts of the grade. While learning should not be measured by just testing, it is critical to learn HOW to test well, with complex information. 

  • Explore. Research is a key part of the Human Geography curriculum. Since life exists outside of the a textbook, students will be asked to explore concepts outside of the learning environment. Projects will include online research as well as gathering field data from their local community (going to local stores, important cultural locations nearby, etc).

  • Please note: this course will discuss adult topics that use adult language. This includes, but is not limited: Human Trafficking, Forced Migration, Genocide, FGMs, Child Marriages, Extreme Poverty, Racism, and Urban Homelessness. 

Other Course Attributes 

  • Teacher-Graded Work. Homeschooling is busy. It is hard to find time to plan and prep all the work, find quality activities, become an expert in the topic... AND THEN grade/assess all the work. GAPro Courses takes care of the planning AND the grading for you. The Human Geography instructors have experience as graders for the AP Human Geography exam. This allows them to give deeper feedback into the type of writing that would be expected 

  • Security & Privacy. In the 21st Century, student safety online is a serious matter. All learning will take place through the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Only registered students and instructor(s) will have access to the online course. Student's Data

  • Learn on Your Time. One of the benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility. GAPro Courses are asynchronous - meaning students can login whenever they want to complete the course work. This gives families the flexibility of when to complete their learning. Each module has all the digital materials along with an easy-to-read chart with the recommended order of activities; all accessible through any internet connected device. With GAPro, learning is ready to go where ever you go. With that said, there are deadlines/due dates for when each module is to be completed (generally 4-6 weeks per module). This is to help teach students a basic level of time management and meeting project deadlines.

  • College Skill Building. Aside from rich content, GAPro courses seek to build the skills needed to be college-ready: reading, writing, listening, note taking, studying, critical thinking, lifestyle, time management, research... Students will leave the course with the skills needed to tackle other advanced learning opportunities 

How to Register?

  1. Click the "Add Product to Cart" button for which ever course(s) you wish to register. All payments are done online, through Paypal. Please make sure the e-mail address for user the user login is accurate.

  2. Within 24 hours, a course invitation will be sent to the User E-mail Address. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to create an account on the Canvas Learning Management System. 

  3. Once registration and login is confirmed, students can begin to access the course. Students can complete the "How to Use Canvas" module. Course materials will become available Aug 13, 2018

How to Cancel? Refunds?

  • Cancelations BEFORE August 12, 2018: There will be a 100% refund.

  • Cancelations BETWEEN August 13-Sept 15, 2018: There will be a 90% refund (Tuition - $30 service/setup fee).

  • Cancelations AFTER September 15 will not receive a refund, unless extenuating circumstances are present.

How to Sign up for the AP Exam?

This course is built to give students to knowledge and tools necessary to be successful on the AP Human Geography exam. However, the exam fee ($100) is not covered as a part of the course. If you wish to take the AP Human Geography Exam, please click here for information of registering for the exam


Student Led


The Student-Led version provides the entire Modern Global Studies curriculum to students, broken down into lessons and units with unit guides. The students move through the readings and videos at their own pace like a recipe. Multiple choice assessments are automatically graded with feedback. 

What's Included?

  • Complete Curriculum. All the readings, questions, tests and activities needed to teach the history of the world. The first unit begins with the beginning of time, the last activity analyzes the issues present in 2019. The curriculum is broken up into modules with suggested pacing guides/charts.  

  • Digital Environment. All of the readings and activities are accessible through the Canvas Learning Management system. All the tests and study tools are provided through Canvas, allowing the tests to be auto-graded with provided feedback for each answer.

  • Parent Grading. While the test questions are provided and graded through the Canvas website, all other assignments require the parent/guardian to provide the instruction and assignment grading for the child. Unit Parent guides will be available to provide with answer keys and a level of guidance with some "going deeper" questions. The only "live" assistance provided by GAPro is when technical difficulties arise.


1 Year Tuition (Aug-May): 

  • Early Enrollment: $75 (through June 20)

  • Regular Enrollment: $100

2 Year Tuition: 

  • Early Enrollment: $100 

  • Regular Enrollment: $130

Multiple Children: 60% off 2nd Child

  • Please contact Mr. Grether at with your specific situation, with a specific invoice or a coupon code that can be used in a future year.

Teacher Led


The Teacher-Led program is led by a certified, licensed teacher. The teacher gives pacing to the class and grades assignments with rich feedback about both the quality of the content AND the quality of the writing. While the work is completed asynchronously, students have access to asking the teacher questions and receiving extra help in synchronous work sessions.

What's Included?

  • Teach-Prep, Teach-Graded. Homeschooling is busy. It is hard to find time to plan and prep all the work, find quality activities, become an expert in the topic... AND THEN grade/assess all the work. This is especially true when trying to teach the history of the entire world. GAPro Courses takes care of the planning, the pacing AND the grading for you. The student signs into the Canvas Website, and we take care of the rest. Students and parents will have the ability to contact the teacher and ask content related questions or seek clarification throughout the course.

  • Sign in & Go: Complete Curriculum. All the readings, questions, tests and activities needed to teach Modern Global Studies are provided as a part of the course fee.  The curriculum is broken up into modules with pacing charts, module due dates (typically 4-6 weeks per module) and links to extension readings for students to explore deeper. NOTE: A couple optional "Going deeper" extension activities may recommend a book that is not provided, but can be found at the local library or on Amazon.

  • Digital Environment with Community Activities. Students that are assigned to the same section will have the opportunity to interact and work together. This includes discussing/debating important thematic questions.  


1 Year Tuition (Aug-May): 

  • Early Enrollment: $300 (through June 20)

  • Regular Enrollment: $400

Multiple Children: 60% off 2nd Child

  • Please contact Mr. Grether at with your specific situation, with a specific invoice or a coupon code that can be used in a future year.


Groups &


Unique Group Opportunity

Is your co-op looking for a Modern Global Studies/Current Events solution? GAPro can setup a special course "shell" that would be exclusively for your co-op. This would allow all the students in the co-op to participate in the online group discussions and even group projects. Parents can have accounts that would allow them grading, feedback and discussion opportunities. Please contact Mr.Grether at with your specific situation, and we can craft a unique solution that fits your co-ops situation.


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