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Holocaust & Genocide

  • Course Description: **NOTE: This class is very mature in its content. We will address the issues of Genocide in its full form, stepping into the details of policies along with the brutal treatment of the people.**

  • Genocide is an internationally recognized crime where acts are committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. The 20th Century oversaw some of the most horrific events in human history, with over 600 events that can be classified as a significant human rights violation (depending on the definition used), hundreds of millions of lives were lost. This course will explore the historical evolution of organized mass murder (the term genocide was coined in the 1940s, so many source materials are classified differently in their time). Then, students will take an indepth look at the specific events of the Holocaust within the context of WWII. Finally, the course will explore the post-WWII genocides. Using the frameworks established at the beginning of the course, students will systematically explore the decades between 1950-2010. Finally, students will look at present conflicts to determine the actions the world should take based on historical precedent.

    • Course Syllabus: Coming Soon
    • Optional Reading List  : Coming Soon

  • Credits: .5 Credit. This course will take ~60-80 hours of work to complete, which will vary based on the student's reading speed.​​​​

  • Who Should Take This Course? : Holocaust and Genocide is very accessible in regards to reading level. However, the topics that are addressed are heavy/difficult emotionally, as the course addresses the worst actions taken in human history against other human beings. While the course will not be purposefully gory, the course will not shy away from difficult situations. 

    • Skills Students will need to begin: 8th-10th grade reading level. The ability to write 3-5 paragraphs.​ The ability to conduct introductory research.
  • Materials: All lessons (readings, videos, activities) are delivered online and are provided with the course.​

    • Required Technology: A device with internet access. Laptop is preferred, but tablets work with the course as well. Either a 3 subject notebook or Google Drive for recording work.​

    • Video List: These videos can be Rented or Purchased (More may be added)

      • Conspiracy 

      • Downfall (Der Untergang)​

      • Night & Fog 

  • Purchase Options:​ Currently only LIVE

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