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  • Age & Group Size 
    • Age: 14+
    • Skills needed to start the course:  7th-9th grade reading level. Ability to read 3-5 pages of non-fiction text. The ability to write multiple paragraph responses.​
    • Group Size: 15-20 students.
  • Term & Time
    • Term: Spring Semester 
    • **Dates may alter slightly**
      Date Range: 16 Weeks - The week of Sept 11 through Late January
    • Live Session: Wednesdays, 5-6 EST via Zoom 
      • NOTE - Recorded Sessions: All LIVE sessions are recorded and posted for students in case they miss a class session or would like to review.
    • Work Time: 3-5 hours (Time will vary based upon reading speed) 
    • PDF Schedule: Coming Soon
  • Instructor: Michael Grether
  • Required Curriculum Materials: Most curriculum materials (readings, videos, activities, etc) will be delivered digitally through the Canvas course. There will be a book (~$15-20) that will be a required purchase plus the rental of 2 movies. Details will be sent to parents once the final decisions are made..
  • Credits: .5 Credit (~60-70 Work Hours)
  • Grading
    • Who: All work will be graded by the instructor.
    • Type of Work:  
    • How it will be submitted: Students will submit their work through Canvas. Students may choose to complete their work on Google Drive and then submit the "Share" link.
    • How the work will be graded: There will be weekly readings/videos + a weekly written response to the "Theme" of the week.  
  • Parent Role: The parents role is to (a) make sure the student has continued internet access (b) provide encouragement during the week for the student's to be completing work (c)  communicate with the instructor with any relevant information  - such as illness, injury, or other prolonged absences. 




  • **NOTE: This class is very mature in its content. We will address the issues of Genocide in its full form, stepping into the details of policies along with the brutal treatment of the people.**

  • Genocide is an internationally recognized crime where acts are committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. The 20th Century oversaw some of the most horrific events in human history, with over 600 events that can be classified as a significant human rights violation (depending on the definition used), hundreds of millions of lives were lost. This course will explore the historical evolution of organized mass murder (the term genocide was coined in the 1940s, so many source materials are classified differently in their time). Then, students will take an indepth look at the specific events of the Holocaust within the context of WWII.

    • The History of Antisemitism ​

    • The History of Racism North & South America: From the birth of the ideas of race, through colonization, the enlightenment, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, US Slave Laws

    • The First Genocides of the 20th Century - Armenian & Namibian. 

    • The Eugenics Movement & US Immigration

    • Rise of the Nazis 

    • The Final Solution & WWII

    • An Overview of Genocides Post 1945

23-24 LIVE: Holocaust - Spring Semester (W, 5-6 PM EST.)

$300.00 Regular Price
$170.00Sale Price
    • Cancellations BEFORE the start of class or during the first week: 100% Refund​

    • If the class is cancelled by GAPro (not meeting the minimum registrants or outside causes):  100% Refund 

    • If cancellations happen between weeks 2-4: 75% Refund

    • After Week 4: No refund for cancellations unless for a qualifying "life event."

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