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  • Age & Group Size 
    • Age: 14+
    • Skills needed to start the course:  7th-9th grade reading level. Ability to read 3-5 pages of non-fiction text. The ability to write 2-3 sentence+ responses.​
    • Group Size: 15-20 students.
  • Term & Time
    • Term: Fall & Spring Semester 
    • **Dates may alter slightly**
      Date Range: 32 Weeks - The week of August 30 through May 16 
      • The Week of November 21st = Thanksgiving Break
      • Dec 19-Jan 2 = Winter Break
      • The Week of April 11 = Spring Break
    • Live Session: Thursdays, 3:30-4:30 EST via Zoom 
      • NOTE - Recorded Sessions: All LIVE sessions are recorded and posted for students in case they miss a class session or would like to review.
    • Work Time: 4-5 hours (Time will vary based upon reading speed) 
    • PDF Schedule: Coming Soon
  • Instructor: Michael Grether
  • Required Curriculum Materials: All curriculum materials (readings, videos, activities, etc) will be delivered digitally through the Canvas course. There are no other required purchases.
    • Optional Reading Enrichment List: Coming Soon.
  • Credits: 1 Credit (~120-150 Work Hours)
  • Grading
    • Who: All work will be graded by the instructor.
    • Type of Work:  
    • How it will be submitted: Students will submit their