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  • Age & Group Size 
    • Age: 14+
    • Skills needed to start the course:  7th-9th grade reading level. Ability to read 8-10 pages of non-fiction text. The ability to write 5-8 sentence+ responses.​
    • Group Size: 15-20 students.
    • **This is an AP Course that is very writing heavy. Students will be trained in how to write in the AP writing format, and will be expected to complete writings weekly.
  • Term & Time
    • Term: Fall & Spring Semester 
    • **Dates may alter slightly**
      Date Range: 32 Weeks - The week of August 30 through May 16 
      • The Week of November 21st = Thanksgiving Break
      • Dec 19-Jan 2 = Winter Break
      • The Week of April 11 = Spring Break
    • Live Session: Tuesday, 5-6pm EST via Zoom 
      • NOTE - Recorded Sessions: All LIVE sessions are recorded and posted for students in case they miss a class session or would like to review.
    • Work Time: 4-5 hours (Time will vary based upon reading speed) 
    • PDF Schedule: Coming Soon
  • Instructor: Michael Grether
  • Required Curriculum Materials: Textbook is currently being selected for the course.
  • Credits: 1 Credit (~120-150 Work Hours)
  • Grading
    • Who: All work will be graded by the instructor.
    • Type of Work:  Students will read, take notes, complete questions that are based upon skills that are needed for the AP Exam in May. This will include many types of writing (Short Answer Questions, Document Based Questions, Long Essay Questions).
    • How it will be submitted: Students will submit their work through Canvas. Students may choose to complete their work on Google Drive and then submit the "Share" link.
    • How the work will be graded:  There will be three types of assignments - Daily Course Work, Unit Tests, End of Unit Activities. Daily work will be assessed as "complete" if it met the requirements or "incomplete" with any necessary feedback before the student resubmits. Unit Tests are automatically graded by the system. Unit Activities come at the end of the Unit, with the intention of demonstrating mastery of content and skill. These Unit Activities will have rubrics and be graded with the purpose of deeper/more intentional feedback. Unit Activities are intended to be saved/collected for portfolios for College Applicaiton or any state requirements.  
  • Parent Role: The parents role is to (a) make sure the student has continued internet access (b) provide encouragement during the week for the student's to be completing work (c)  communicate with the instructor with any relevant information  - such as illness, injury, or other prolonged absences. 




  • AP World History is a College Level course. The course is designed to start in the year 1200 and run through Modern Day. The course focuses on 6 Key Historical Themes (Social Structures, Politics, Interactions with the Environment, Culture, Economics, Technology) and 3 Key Historical Thinking  Criteria (Comparing, Continuity and Change, Cause & Effect). There is a heavy emphasis on building college level skills in reading, note taking, test taking, and writing.

24-25 LIVE: AP World History - BUNDLE (Tu 5-6 PM EST.)

$600.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
    • Cancellations BEFORE the start of class or during the first week: 100% Refund​

    • If the class is cancelled by GAPro (not meeting the minimum registrants or outside causes):  100% Refund 

    • If cancellations happen between weeks 2-4: 75% Refund

    • After Week 4: No refund for cancellations unless for a qualifying "life event."

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