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Secular Online Social Studies

For  7-12th Grades

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  • Welcome to GAPro. In 2019, Global Academic Productions was founded by Michael Grether with the purpose of bringing high quality, secular social studies curriculums to homeschool and charter based students in 6th through 12th grades. My goal is to help families connect with the right learning environment for their family, so the students will have a high quality, engaging learning experience. Since 2019, GAPro has served students in 35 states and 3 countries, and growing! I look forward to working with your family find the right curriculum to meet your student's academic needs.

  • Sign In & Go! Using Canvas, students just sign in & go! All lessons are laid out in order and ready. No parent-prep and resource gathering. No complex charts. 

  • Options, Options, Options. The beauty of the homeschool community is the flexibility available to each family. GAPro provides content through a variety of formats to allow you to find the instructional method that meets your family's needs:

    • Self-Paced:​ With Self-Paced, parents are in total control. Students can be enrolled at any time of the year. Parents have the power to determine the pace, time spent per week, and method of mastery. This option is parent-graded, with GAPro providing a detailed answer guide. Self-Paced courses are great for the family that needs a curriculum that can adapt to their lifestyle, such as: unschooling at-your-own-pace students, high performing athletes/musicians with unique schedules, students with specific learning needs, families that extensively travel...

    • Flex: Flex courses take the self-paced model and add structured supports for families. Using the same curriculum, Flex courses provide specific start times, plus pacing dates for completing each units assessments. Parents grade the day-to-day work using the answer guide, while students submit their End of Unit assignments for a GAPro teacher to grade.

    • LIVE: LIVE Classes provide families with a high level of support. With LIVE classes, a GAPro teacher leads a cohort of similarly aged students through the curriculum together as a group. Students complete their weekly asynchronous work before participating in their weekly live, interactive video class over Zoom. With LIVE classes, GAPro provides the pacing, the grading of ALL assignments, along with the leading the live session. Most LIVE classes are built around the 16 week semester model. 

    • *Charter Schools or Homeschool Co-Ops. GAPro has been accepted as a Vendor to a growing number of charter schools. GAPro works with your charter school to arrange for the use of the school vouchers to pay for any of the available curriculum options. If GAPro has not yet been approved as a vendor, please contact GAPro 
      ( ) about your charter and we can begin the process of becoming a Vendor. Many schools require the vendor request to come from the families that attend their school.

      If the Charter school or a Co-Op has 10 or more students, a special section of the requested course can be arranged for those students to be able to interact in their own private message boards/zoom calls.

  • ​Secular Social Studies. All courses promote fact-based, bias free learning. Students are presented with facts and multiple perspectives. Students also learn about tools to draw their own conclusions and support the conclusions with evidence. All GAPro courses are 100% secular. GAPro upholds the evidence as demonstrated by science for evolution, a universe that is billions of years old, and that ALL humans are equal no matter their ethnicity, origin, gender identity or love interests. 

    NOTE: The courses do teach about ALL major (and most minor) world religions and political perspectives. However, the courses do not endorse, promote, evangelize, or discriminate for or against any one religion. 

  • College-Ready Skills. GAPro focuses on building the academic skills students need to be successful in their college or career.

  • Every Region, Every Voice. All courses promote diverse perspectives from around the globe, seeking to avoid a Euro-Centric or American-Centric mindset. They also emphasize the "Lost Voices" of society including: Women, LBGTQ+, First Nations and Ethnic Minorities. 

  • Cross Curricular Instruction. Every course contains: Primary & Secondary sources, poetry/literature, art, maps, geography, architecture, videos, activities, & projects.

  • Questions? Let Me Help! Michael will gladly assist with any questions or clarifications. If you are unsure of what path is the best for your student, a free consultation can be arranged to put you on the right path.




World History explores the human story from the beginning of time through the 21st Century. Using a thematic format, this survey course provides students with a framework for understanding the evolution of human society across every continent. 

World History


Honors Human Geography (formerly Modern Global Studies) is an in-depth look at life in the 21st Century. The course leads students through a critical analysis of the human experience to understand how the world works today: Development, Demographics Gender, Race, Religion, Political, Agriculture, Industrialization and Urbanization. **Course Syllabus Approved by College Board**

AP Human Geography

This course is a social history that steps into the complexity of America's past. Students will balance the tension of America's phenomenal achievements with the depths of its greatest tragedies. Special attention is paid to emphasize the "Lost Voices" of America's story:  the Indigenous Nations, the Black community, Immigration, Women and the LBGTQIA+ community.

Honors American History


Holocaust & Genocide takes a deep exploration of Genocides in the 21st Century. The primary focus being the Holocaust in WWII, before expanding to a broader understand of the Genocides that took place in each decade since. This course will look at the 10 stages of genocide, explore personal accounts, primary source footage, and resistance movements of one of the defining events of the past 100 years.

Holocaust & Genocide


Michael Grether is the founder of Global Academic Productions, LLC. Mr. Grether has four children that he and his wife homeschool. Mr. Grether has served as a Public School teacher in Raleigh, North Carolina for over ten years - having taught thousands of students from the 6th through 12th grades of all ability levels. He has specifically taught World History for 12 years and AP Human Geography for 6 years; both in Face-to-Face and Online settings for North Carolina Virtual Public School. He has also worked for 6 years with College Board/ETS as an AP Reader-Grader for the Human Geography Exam in Cincinnati, Ohio.


In 2019, Mr. Grether was Rolesville High School's Teacher of the Year, Wake County's Finalist (Top 10) for WCPSS Teacher of the Year [WCPSS is the #13 Largest School District in the USA with over 10,000 teachers] and WRAL's Runner-Up Teacher of the Year (for a 6 County Region). In 2020, Mr. Grether was a National Society for High School Scholars Claes Nobel's Educator of Distinction and Runner Up for Claes Nobel's National Educator-Coach of the Year in 2020.


Michael Grether has a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Double Minor in History and Political Science from Ohio University. He also has his Master's Degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden University where he was Cum Sum Laude.  Mr. Grether has been writing curriculum for over ten years, having written three full curriculums and two complete e-textbooks. His products have earned 3.9 out of 4 star reviews on Teacher-Pay-Teacher.  Michael Grether has presented multiple times at the North Carolina Social Studies Conference along with leading Wake County Professional Development Sessions. Between 2018-2020, Mr. Grether presented at the SEA Homeschool Conferences about Creating College Ready Readers. In 2019, Mr. Grether spoke at the AP Annual Conference in Orlando. Michael is available to present at conferences and professional developments virtually and in person.

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