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Train Fast 2 Be Fast

Training Plans for Home School Distance Runners

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  • The Science of Running

    • How Do Workouts Create Growth?

    • Understanding Energy

    • The Athlete's Diet

    • The Role of Rest/Recovery

    • Caring for Your Body

    • Where to Find Races

  • ​​​​​Warm Up & Core Routines Daily

  • 12-26 Week Daily Training Plan

  • Strength Training Routines

Come as Your Are...

Leave Awesome


From the physical fitness student trying to improve their health to the athlete training to win a championship... every person has a place in their life for a running program. But... where to begin? What should the student do each day? What should the student eat? How much should they sleep? How should they take care of their body to stay healthy?

GAPro's Train Fast 2 Be Fast (TF2BF) program provides easy to follow training plans that incorporate the best sports science to improve every student's physical fitness and ability to make healthful lifestyle choices.


Come as you are. Find the system that is best for your current abilities and start working to grow. It doesn't matter where you begin, it matters that you begin. The time to achieve your potential is now.

Action Steps

STEP 1: Choose Your Current Level

There are three levels that can accommodate every runner. It is important to be realistic and underestimate where your ability is currently. If a student trains at a level that is too intense, it will lead to injury. Make sure to consult with a doctor to make sure you are healthy to participate in physical activity:

  • Level 1: Just Starting. This level is for the student just getting started who has never run before or has not run in a very long time, but are interested in starting again. These students could be running for fitness goals, to get in shape for a sport, or to eventually become a competitive racer.

  • Level 2: Getting Serious. This level is for the student who runs occasionally or just does regular "easy runs" that wants a plan that will challenge them and take them "to the next level." This is also a great level for students looking to get ready for the military basic training.

  • Level 3: Competitive Racers. This level is for the student who already races and wants to improve to become more competitive. They already have a base of training and want to improve to achieve certain athletic goals (running personal bests, compete to win races, qualify for States/Nationals, get recognized by colleges, etc).


STEP 2: Select Racing Distance

The training must match the final goal. The person who is training for better fitness needs different workouts then the 800m runner, or the 5k runner. Select the purpose that best matches your goal.

STEP 3: Select Your Current Time/Ability

Training must begin with your current level of conditioning. The TF2BF system is based off of your current mile time. If you do not know your current best-mile time, get a running app (ex: RunKeeper, Strava, Nike Run Club) or get a stop watch and go to the local track and run a mile for time.  

STEP 4: Get Started, Be Awesome

The mile that matters is the mile you run. Once you have purchased your training plan, go ahead and get running. 

Please respect the thousands of literal hours of studying and application that have been invested into making this product possible at an affordable price. GAPro requests that plans be kept in the family and not shared or redistributed to other people. 

The Right Plan Policy

If you purchase a plan and it is not the right plan for you (too hard, too easy...) contact Coach Grether in the first 10 days of purchase and you can exchange for the plan that is right for you.


Coach Grether has been helping runners of all types achieve their goals for over 10 years. Coach Grether has worked with middle and high school track and cross country teams, 100+ student middle school fitness program, and military recruits preparing for the Physical Fitness Test. During this time Coach Grether's teams have:

  • Trained over 300 first time runners to complete & compete in multiple 5k Races

  • Won 1 Middle School Cross Country Championship 

  • Won 3 Middle School Track & Field Championships

  • Won 2 High School Cross Country Championships

  • Won 2 High School Track & Field Championships 

  • Coached over 30 Individual Event Conference Champions

  • Coached over 20 State Qualifiers, including a State Champion in the 1,000m

Coach Grether believes in the Train Fast 2 Be Fast system. It is not about where you start, it is about where you finish. If a person is willing to obey the science and follow the system, they will be able to achieve more then they could possibly dream. 




Come as you are. This is the level for people who are just starting and do not have a background in running and need a place to begin. It is great for anyone, no matter their end goal. From the "I want to get into shape" to "I want to become a competitive athlete," this path meets people where they are at and gives a clear, progressive path forward. It lays out all the details with step by step instructions from shoes, to basic strength training, to diet, to body care. This 15 week plan gives day by day guidance, taking people from being able to jog 30 seconds-walk a minute for 10 minutes and trains them to being able to do 35 minutes of jogging for 5 minutes, walking for 1 minute.  

Plan Options

Just Starting: Plan A 

Ability Level: For those who are just starting and only able to jog 20 seconds to 2 minutes non-stop. 

Age Range: 10 years old through Adult





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